When I was born in 1947, it was not unusual to see healings and miracles nightly. They were expected! When my father, Rev. Boyd McClaren traveled with A. A. Allen in 1959 and 1960, I witnessed some of the greatest miracles I’ve ever seen.

I had the honour and privilege starting at the age of 12 to go to the platform every night and meet Bro. A.A.Allen and he would hand me his briefcase. He would then say, Darrell, go with me to the emergency room. In every crusade, there would be a special section set aside for emergency cases. People who were dying or unable to sit up in a wheelchair, or someone who had been brought by ambulance to the crusade. I would follow Bro. Allen to that area and then he would ask me to help him pray for the sick. I would pray and watch as the power of God would fall and people would jump up out of their beds. Wheel chairs would be emptied while shouting, dancing and praising God was heard. I was there! I saw it! I know God can do it! That’s why I can’t settle for church as usual. Once you’ve tasted of the fire, you can’t be happy with just the smoke.

I encourage you to cry out unto God. Seek with all of your heart the will of God for your life. Do not let anyone try to tell you that God can’t heal, deliver and give miracles. He is a miracle working God! They’ve come too late to convince me with their doubt. I was there and experienced the power and saw with my eyes the manifested glory of God. Believe with me and you will see it again.



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re:A Comfortable and Safe Christianity

Many of our churches across our nation have substituted the power of God for the human mind and human hand. These churches have turned their backs upon pressing into the Kingdom of God for more of Him and settled for a laid-back religion giving Christians comfort, contentment and a false gospel. People have been fed the lie to just except Jesus into their hearts, and they can live like they want to and go skipping into the gates of Heaven. This is deception according to the Word of God. Sin will not be allowed into Heaven and Grace will not cover your sin when you are patterning your life-style like a sinner. The church has made a terrible mistake for many years to only have a heart to win converts and not raise up disciples(followers of Christ).

These so-called converts with their life-styles like the world will never be able to receive their inheritance. They say they love the Lord, but don’t keep His commandments. They say they are a Christians, but you will never see them enjoying their inheritance. It is our responsibility to exercise our faith continually to take hold of the inheritance God has provided through Jesus Christ. When you remain in a spiritual place with God for season after season your growth and faith are limited. Most churches do not encourage people to mature because its’ much easier to run a nursery than a hospital. Keep the children happy and entertained and everything will work out right. WRONG! Anyone knows who sits under the meat of the Word, to receive your inheritance you must have faith for your inheritance and continually exercise it toward the promises of God. Second, you must learn how to do spiritual warfare to claim your inheritance.

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